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Do you have a growing family or work from home and need office space? Maybe you have a hobby/interest that requires a little more space than your home allows? Or could you simply do with a little extra room. Enfield Loft Services is here to assist you every step of the way.


If you're thinking of having your loft converted, now is an excellent time. Regulations changed recently in favour of the property owner. Previously, councils and local authorities only gave permission for a certain amount of space to be added to a property by means of extensions. New regulations now state an allowance for loft conversions alone whether extensions exist or not (subject to the existing extensions not being more than fifty percent of the original house). This now allows a full size loft conversion in most properties utilising the whole of the loft space.


With properties in Enfield (particularly in EN1 and EN2 postcodes) averaging between £400,000 and £600,000 for 2-3 bedrooms, the stamp duty on a purchase price this high is between £12,000 and £16,000 alone. This is before you have paid any other costs involved with a property purchase (solicitors fees, estate agents fees etc etc). You cannot recoup these costs. If you are happy in your property and get along with your neighbours but are just an expanding family that needs a little more room, then staying where you are and investing your money in your property is a wise move.

 A few years ago, you could pretty much guarantee that you would recoup the money invested in a loft conversion by way of equity. These days, property prices have risen so much and loft conversion prices have stayed pretty much the same so you're definitely onto a winner as far as investment is concerned. Just try an internet search for a 3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom as opposed to a 4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. With the new regulations now allowing you to utilise the whole of the loft space, your money will go even further.


 The properties below appear to have very small dormers (set back way up the roof instead of to the back wall of the house). They also have ground floor extensions so I would assume the loft was converted before the regulations changed.


 In comparison, the dormer below is one I created and as you can see uses the whole roof space. With french doors/large windows at the rear and 2 large velux windows to the front, this creates a large, bright and airy room.


Using every inch available in the average 3 bedroom home can creat a bedroom of some 5m in length, plus a shower room of around 2m x 2m.

Take a look around the photo gallery to see pictures of the work I have completed (not just loft conversions)

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A loft conversion created by Enfield Loft Services