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A little about myself.........

I am a qualfied carpenter living with my family on the Willow Estate in Enfield. I decided to form Enfield Loft Services having completed loft conversions on two of my own properties and having had fantastic comments from friends, family and neighbours. Indeed one neighbour liked the work so much she asked me to construct hers. Enfield Loft Services was born!

My first experience of loft conversions was in 1999 at my previous property. A fourth member of our family was on the way and more room was needed (we only had 2 bedroom Victorian house). Having done some research, I realised that the cost of moving to another property and only gaining a box room was far more expensive than constructing a loft conversion on my current property. We were happy as a family and had extremely good neighbours so did not see the point in uprooting the family. The loft conversion took some time as I had to juggle working by day, running a family as well as working on my own house but the results were well worth it! Rather than moving to a house with a box room, we ended up with a 5m bedroom.

Some years later, after deciding to move up the property ladder, I moved my family to a lovely quiet cul-de-sac on the Willow Estate.  I continued working as a carpenter and general property maintenance man for clients in and around the North London area. With a third child on the way, I converted the loft in our house and having enjoyed the experience so much this time around, I decided to go into business full time.

The first day at a loft conversion in Romford (below)