Loft Construction Loft Construction Front Elevation Scaffolding in place 145126819 Loft construction Removal of roof tiles for construction of hip to gable 145126818 Loft construction Dormer shell being constructed 145126825 Loft construction Dormer construction 145126823 Loft construction Ridge beam in place and levelled on steel spreader plate 145126820 Loft construction Party wall and dormer roof construction 145126824 Loft construction Hip to gable conversion 145126821 Loft construction Dormer interior 145126826 Loft construction Loft interior with stud walls being constructed 145126822 Loft construction Dormer flat roof construction (notice the use of real plywood as opposed to OSB board (Oriented Strand Board) 145126827 Loft construction Dormer flat roof 145126828 Loft construction Dormer cheeks being prepared for tiling 145126829 Loft construction Dormer rear elevation being prepared for tiling 145126830 Loft Construction Rear internal dormer wall 145126831 Loft Construction Dormer cheek and hip to gable conversion 145126832 Loft Construction Rear dormer face with beginning of roof tiling 145126833 Loft construction Rear dormer face with bathroom window and french door openings 145126834 Loft construction Double glazing installed 145126835 Loft costruction French doors going in 145126836 Loft Construction French doors installed 145126837 Velux windows Two large (4ft x 4ft) Velux windows to be included giving plent of light If the space allows) 145126956 Loft Construction Gable end construction and roof tiling 145126839 Loft construction Pitched roof tiling and large velux installation 145126841 Loft Construction Pitched roof gable being prepared for tiling 145126842 Loft construction Dormer cheek tiling 145126843 Loft construction Gable wall window. I will supply and fit as big a window as is possible. This not only allows more light in but in the event of an emergency, this also creates another means of escape. 145126844 Loft construction Gable wall being prepared for rendering 145126845 Loft construction Newly tiled roof and gable 145126846 Loft construction Hidden valley joining 2 different roof tiles 145126847 Loft construction Newly tiled roof with 2 large Velux windows 145126848 Loft construction Rear dormer wall tiled with Juliet balcony 145126949 Loft construction 145126840 Loft construction Gable wall rendered & pebble dashed 145126950 Loft construction 145126951 Loft construction 145126952 Loft construction Complete dormer. Notice the size. Using the full width and depth of the house creates a nice big loft room/bathroom. 147076286 Loft construction New loft staircase installed 145126954 Loft construction Loft staircase 145126955 Finished loft conversion 145126957 Loft construction Finished bathroom with enclosed shower cubicle 146605227 Finished loft conversion Finshed ensuite bathroom 146605228 Finished loft conversion Finished loft room. Note- Rather than build the dormer wall across the gap between the 2 chimney breasts, I used the space to produce a neat alcove for the kingsize bed. This was further enhanced by the installation of 2 wall lamps. These are 2 way controlled by either the bedside or by switch at the room entrance. 146605229 Finished loft conversion The finished loft room complete with french doors and juliet balcony 146605230 Finished loft conversion 147527507 Finished loft conversion 147527508 Finished loft conversion 147527509