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Quotes If you are considering a loft conversion we highly recommend Enfield Loft Services. It is run by Tony Wonfor who completes most of the build on his own. With his team he has successfully completed many loft rooms on the Willow estate and surrounding area and is able to show you his work. There is no shortage of satisfied customers who are happy to show off their new rooms. We are very happy with his work. He is a very professional, reliable, trustworthy and hard working and a very knowledgeable and skilled builder. He demonstrated excellent workmanship. There was minimal noise, dust and disruption. He is able to arrange the whole project from planning stage to completion. Definitely five stars. Gary and Glyn Enfield Quotes
Mr and Mrs Teader
Very satisfied customers

Quotes Tony?s work on our loft conversion was brilliant from beginning to end. With work starting on the conversion shortly after the arrival of our second daughter we were extremely anxious about the dust, disruption and noise. We soon realized this angst was completely unfounded as Tony was wholly true to his word with minimal noise and no dust or disruption until the planned break through into the house, by which point the vast majority of work had been completed. Throughout Tony was a superstar, never coming to us with a problem but a well thought out solution that leveraged his many years of experience. The surprisingly small snagging list was completed immediately with no quibbles at all. We would not hesitate to recommend Tony to any of our friends and family. Quotes
Vicky and Martin

Quotes We highly recommend Enfield Loft Services. Tony's expertise and advice was very professional in helping us to decide on the layout and in utilising as much space that we thought could not be possible. Tony works tirelessly throughout the day in order to complete the job on time and to a high standard. We absolutely love our loft conversion, it has opened up our house to its full and given us the space that we needed. Again, highly recommended. Thank-you Tony. Very happy customers! Quotes
Walter & Dawn

Quotes We had used Tony in the past for some other building work and were very impressed with the quality of his work. When the time came for us to get the loft converted, I knew Tony was the man for the job! I have done a lot of work on the house myself and I wanted someone who I knew would do the job to a high standard. We were not disappointed, as Tony did an excellent job. He squeezed out every bit of possible space and went above and beyond on the quality of workmanship and the materials he used. A year on, we have had no issues and we have recommended Tony to several friends who?ve been thinking of doing a loft conversion. Quotes
David and Emma

Quotes We viewed a couple of lofts that Tony had completed and were keen to have him to do our loft. He gave great advice to maximise the space. When Tony was doing the loft he worked tiresly from start to finish. He was very thorough with his work and took pride in everything he did. Tony finished his work with perfection and was of a very high standard. He was professional, friendly and approachable and kept us up to date and gave us advise every step of the way. The work was carried out with no disruption and no mess. The other people Tony got in to do the other work, were also highly skilled and professional, we felt very comfortable and safe leaving them all in our home. Tony's work was of excellent quality. He gave some extra touches that have really enhanced our loft that I feel we would have not got from other companies. I would recommend him 100% to anyone considering a loft conversion. The loft Tony has given us has created an excellent space that was stress and mess free! Quotes
Andrea and Alan
Very happy customers

Quotes When we had our loft conversion my wife was expecting our youngest child. Tony and his team pulled all the stops and worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was ready for the happy arrival. The finish of work is excellent as is the utilisation of the available space. Tony managed to produce a superb and comfortable bedroom and toilet, that our guests constantly complement; Andriana & Harry Quotes
Harry Benetatos

Quotes To sum Enfield loft services up in one word: EXCELLENT We were told by other loft companies that it may not be possible to have our loft done at all, due to the ceiling height, another came with an extortionate price and said the only way would be to leave the ridge tiles off we were then introduced to Tony and the team, who showed me a loft around the corner that they had just completed with the exact layout that we have. As soon as i saw the quality of the finish i inquired when they would be available to make a start on ours They started ours on the date stated and showed total professionalism throughout they were also very competitively priced i would highly recommend anyone considering having their loft done to use these guys, you will NOT be disappointed Quotes
Arwen and Andy
Very satisfied customers

Quotes Our loft conversion is the best decision we've made. Tony's knowledge, experience and helpful advice at every step of the way was invaluable. He managed the whole project and all the logistics from start to finish, including planning and utilities, and the house was kept tidy with minimum disruption. He takes a real pride in his work and the quality is excellent. Our house was in safe hands as Tony & his team were trustworthy and stayed on the job - unlike other companies. The extra space has made a huge difference and the value of our house has gone up enormously. We thoroughly recommend Enfield loft services. Quotes
Clare & Tony

Quotes Tony provided a quotation that we were happy with. We discussed all details of the work including purchasing of bathroom fittings. The loft conversion was undertaken in 2012 and we are happy with the timescale, quality of the work undertaken and the price. Quotes
Gene Trinder

Quotes Enfield Loft Services were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The quality of work, attention to detail and ability to stay within budget were appreciated in equal measure. We are delighted with our new loft room and bathroom. Quotes
Gareth & Sophie